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"From the first day we met 15 years ago; Sarah has inspired me and brought me ‘out of my shell’ so to speak. I found her to be very engaging, very connecting, and there is nothing superficial about her. She lives each day to the fullest. No matter what struggles she has been through, her attitude and demeanor is amazingly positive. She has an absolute inner glow, that shows through to the outside and being around her sense of humor is uplifting.  I always come away feeling energized!


"Sarah is the kind of person who has many friends, not just acquaintances, but true friends due to her honesty, openness, and genuine interest in them. Sarah is a wonderful listener, and seems to have such insight into why things happen and the how to make any problem better."


Vive M., Guys Mills, PA



"Sarah’s coaching empowers you to tackle goals that you originally considered unattainable. By shedding the containment of confinement you grow in new and refreshed ways. Like Simon Peter was encouraged to get out of the boat, you too will walk a fresh path.


"Using personal metaphors, Sarah will help you understand boundaries, your own heart and the impact of unconditional love. Each insightful session brings you closer to grace and acceptance of what you can do versus what you may have thought impossible."


Diane S., North Palm Beach, FL



"The last few years I have greatly appreciated Sarah as a dear friend.  She has the rare gift of listening and caring enough to ask insightful questions that help clarify my own understandings of feelings and some difficult situations.  Always open about her own life experiences, Sarah is also kindly honest in offering reasonable opinions and helpful advice.  As a life coach she could be counted on to be a true encourager and help in working toward positive goals, and I love her can-do attitude and wonderful, quick wit and refreshing humor."


Sara M., Highlands, NC




"I've known Sarah for 12 years. One of her many gifts are wisdom and encouragement. I love how transparent, open, and frank she is.  She has helped to guide me through numerous trials and storms of this life. I value her advice, and I would highly recommend Sarah as a life coach who achieves positive outcomes. She has the ability to engender self-confidence in others, a rare quality which I value."


Susan F., North Palm Beach, FL



"Sarah’s knowledge, experience, and natural ability to see through the chaos in my life helped me root cause my core issues and discover who I really was, along with what I needed to work on. She helped me connect the dots in my life. Through her guidance, I now have better coping skills, resulting in much less anger, resentment, anxiety, and depression in my life. I appreciate her honesty and her suggestions for continuous improvement. My life is so much better now. Sarah helped me help myself, which I didn’t know how to do until we started working together. I highly recommend Sarah as a Life Coach."


Mel D., Grand Rapids, MI



"I have known Sarah for over 30 years. If someone were to ask me to describe Sarah, these would be my words: Sarah is an over-comer, whatever adversity has come her way, and she has always managed to use it as a stepping stone. She has faced challenges with dignity, style and possesses a true hunger for life. As a friend, she has always been the strongest support system I have ever known, always offering sound advice with compassion and understanding."


Ellie D., Elmhurst, NY



"Sarah and I have been friends for 19 years. Through everything that I have experienced during many life events, Sarah is and has always been my go-to person for a shoulder, an ear and many hugs. She is truly one of the most compassionate people I know. Her heart shines through all that she does. Such an amazing listener and a tell-like-it-is person; which is one of the many reasons I love her so much. Sarah has this wonderful sense of humor and can lighten up a conversation when the time calls for it. I admire her as a mother, a wife and an incredible friend to many. Sarah is a get-it-done kind of girl. She is organized and is great at accomplishing all that she sets out to do. She is very active in the community with helping others as a volunteer with various non profits. Sarah has this amazing positive attitude and works smart at balancing her personal and professional life. I trust Sarah with all my heart."


Sherrye S., Palm Beach Gardens, FL



"Sarah is uniquely qualified to provide a useful, practical and positive experience in life-coaching. She has had experience in running a small business successfully in the competitive and cut-throat world of New York City marketing. She is experienced in the challenging career as a scholar of proven merit with awards and honors in achieving her academic collegiate goals. She's an active and caring volunteer with handicapped ministries, pediatric grief counseling, and community church children and adult programs. She's skillfully managed family finances for several families of varying levels of income, including families with property and investment holdings. She is a loving wife, mother, and stepmother to five young adults who can attest to her steady and supportive--emotionally and financially and spiritually--continued involvement in their varied pursuits and concerns. Throughout all, her caring and giving heart, combined with life experience, provide her shrewd insight into human foibles and follies, and deep nuanced empathy.


"Sarah looks at life with common sense, with humor, with spiritual eyes, with a clear-eyed vision of 'what is' but also, 'what might be,' and has lived with courage through personal challenges that would have taken down a lesser and weaker person."


Judi N., Riverside, CA



"As a long time recipient of Sarah’s coaching skills. Words such as caring, loving, loyal, come to mind, in addition to non-judgmental, positive reinforcement, goal-oriented, focused, a real listener and sincere."


Wendy A., Titusville, FL



"Sarah always prays for me, is compassionate, and always listening to my cries. She helps me with encouragement to make easier the loss of my son and husband. No matter what she always checks on me, call me, and cares about me. This is PRICELESS!  I thank God for her."


Themis Q., Palm Beach Gardens, FL



"I have to say that Sarah is a great coach, a great person and a wonderful friend. 


"Sarah has guided me and advised me in the moments I needed her most. She has opened her heart, her mind, and she is always ready to listen. She sees things from the outside with a great point of view, and a great sense of humor. 


"When I feel down, the only person that I want to call is Sarah, I can cry if I want too, and after talking about my problems with her, she makes me see that there is always a bright side. Sarah told me one day,  that every day I should write three grateful notes, so every day when I wake up, I think about so many things  that I am thankful for  and that makes me feel  very strong to deal with whatever the day brings."


Letty P., Highlands, NC

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