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About Life Coaching


Have you ever said to yourself, "I need someone to talk to."? Coaching is all about listening. It is rewarding to coach people to work though their own issues and challenges; to help encourage clients make necessary decisions in their life; and to help them figure problems out on their own. The ultimate goal is for the individual to make right decisions on their own.


What Is a Life Coach?

A partner in achieving personal goals

A sounding board when exploring choices

A motivational mentor

A source of unconditional support

A referee to help you work through conflict

A beacon during stormy times


Benefits of Working with a Coach

Helps you reach your potential, while staying connected to your core values

Helps you to be pro-active because you set goals you really want

Helps you to have a balanced life because you are in charge of the design

Helps you make better decisions because your focus is more clear and defined

Helps you have more energy because you will be happier and more productive

Helps you clear up unresolved issues and find closure with issues that keep re-surfacing



Get your needs met by learning to ask for what you want from yourself and others

Stop tolerating and spend less time with inappropriate behaviors of others

Come to a more positive place and look at life in a more positive way


What I Can Do for You


I can help you in dealing with stress. I will teach you how to take charge of your life by identifying your personal values and vision. If you tell me, "I feel helpless," or "I'm depressed," or "I just need to be listened to!" I will collaborate with you and empower you as I listen to your thoughts and feelings. Together we will explore your needs, identify your goals, and help you gain clarity. I offer a safe place to talk with unconditional acceptance and complete anonymity. I will help you move forward to your best outcome—a better life!


Areas of Specialization


Low self-esteem

Forgiveness and gratitude

Attitude adjustment


Life Coach North Palm Beach, FL
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